Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas for 2024

When I was pregnant with my son Denim, I was entirely too excited to find out his delivery date was right around Christmas time. This meant I got to plan a FALL BABY SHOWER. Eeeeeek. Autumn is by far my favorite season. Basically (basic girl pun intended), I plan my entire year around pumpkins, cozy blankets, and all things apple cider & spice. There are so many cute fall baby shower ideas, it’s overwhelming. I fully embrace the allure of fall rustic boho style because it really gives you a lot of options to decorate. This transcended into how my baby shower was embellished. However, fall baby showers can be as modern or simple as you’d like. Also, don’t feel like you must incorporate pumpkins into your theme. You can even step outside of the cozy rustic charm color palate and brighten it up with pinks and blues. Below are a few photos of my fall baby shower theme. Once you scroll past these, you’ll find a list of amazing autumn baby shower themes!



Magical List of Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas


  1. Boho Neutral Floral Baby Shower


Combining beiges, whites, and other rustic neutrals is the perfect idea for a gender neutral baby shower! I don't know about y'all, but I could put pampas grass everywhere in my home. Pampas grass looks 100% amazing with this theme.

  1. Pink Pumpkin Baby Shower


I am seeing tons of Pink Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas everywhere right now and am IN LOVE. From pink painted pumpkins to pink florals, you can create the cutest whimsical type baby shower this fall without over doing the rusts and oranges.

  1. Apple of Our Eye Baby Shower


Apple of Our Eye Baby Shower Themes are a great way to get away from pumpkins if they're not really your thing! I saw a sweet idea pin for an Apple Cider Bar and thought that would be a delicious and unique drink idea.

  1. Little (red or blue) Truck Baby Shower

This was the theme I chose for celebrating our little Denim. I paired teal and denim blue with rustic neutrals and it was my fall baby shower dream come true. You could personalize this theme with whatever color palette you want. Beings I was having a boy, I loved the idea of incorporating little trucks into the orignal pumpkin theme I had planned to use.

  1. Rustic Boho Pumpkin Baby Shower


The classic Rustic Boho Pumpkin Baby Shower Theme will forever touch a place in my heart. I just love autumn colors. The simplicity of this theme is so incredibly beautiful, especially if you pair a few vibrant accents with neutral whites and ivories. 

  1. White Pumpkin Baby Shower 

This one is a classic, and will be forever. The cleanness and softness of white and ivory is so beautiful for a baby shower theme. You can incorporate tons of modern farmhouse decor ideas into this theme if you're wanting to step away from the rustic style.


What Fall Baby Shower Theme will you choose?

There are so many charming ideas for your upcoming fall baby shower! Autumn brings magic to the air and I can't think of a better time for you to welcome a new little bundle of joy into the world. I am curious to hear what theme you pick! Let me know in the comment section below. 

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