A Candle Story - From Farmhouse Kitchen to Farmhouse Shop

A Candle Story - From Farmhouse Kitchen to Farmhouse Shop

Before The Gift Gala Shop was born, I was raised on our family’s working ranch in southwest Nebraska. I have a great appreciation and special place in my sentimental heart for antiques & vintage history. My great great grandparents migrated to Nebraska on a covered wagon & settled on the land. They worked tirelessly for everything they had, starting from living in a dugout (essentially a hole in the ground) to eventually, after decades, building a successfully functioning ranch. Recently, I think our world has gone through a period where there is a scarcity of handmade products, so it’s been very fulfilling to join the special force of small businesses creating USA made products from scratch.


In 2011, during college I felt the desire to help pay my way through attaining a degree and begin designing headbands. Soon, I realized I was actually creating items that would sell very well in the wedding industry and I formed The Ragged Diamond. I grew this business for several years and currently have over 400 wedding accessory designs.


In 2018, my now Husband and I were back home in Nebraska doing some fence work. I have to add, our trips north always seem to be where some of my very best creative thoughts and inspiration flow from. There is a special kind of quiet, peace and tranquility that the Midwest possesses – a sort of zen that simply cannot be explained only experienced. Anyway, I just remember driving around in a pasture with miles of rolling hills in all directions, thinking about what I would make everyone for Christmas that year. I had seen a fun candle making tutorial and told my husband my plans. His response, “You might as well sell them.” And the rest is history. I immediately spent every moment I had between fence posts (literally) researching the best candle making ingredients. By the time I got back to Texas, I had boxes of materials stacked by the door ready for experimenting. I spent countless nights in our small farmhouse style kitchen perfecting candle making. I chose eco friendly materials that not only we’re good for the planet but for us too! My research told me people with allergies or health issues could possibly burn these huns, not to mention the burn time on them would be amazingly long and the hot/cold throw would fill rooms or even entire homes. I’m happy to say after 3 years and continuous experimenting, we still use the same fantastic supplies to this day.


The Gift Gala Shop has been another space for me to really connect with the world by way of creativity, beauty and sensory products. I feel so much joy creating items that make people genuinely happy. From the personalized labeling, to the exclusive scent creating and to the careful hand-made process, The Gift Gala Shop strives to embody what my great great grandparents stood for: hard work, personable relationships, pristine craft, and the appreciation for those who have paved the way for us.


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