How to Build a Successful Candle Business

How to Build a Successful Candle Business

Struggles, triumph, and an abundance of trial and error have filled the last 12 years of my entrepreneurship...and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Standing where I am today, looking back, I see a little girl ready to take on the world, setting out on her journey to being her own boss. Seeing that little girl achieve goal after goal over the years is both inspiring & compelling. 

I want this tingly feeling burning in the soul of every woman in the world!

My goal with The Gift Gala Shop is to help people make their space feel the way they want through luxury fragrance. I'm able to unleash my creativity and spread beautiful things across the globe at the same time. I treasure each customer and pour my heart and soul into every candle.

Now, I have the honor to ladle my heart into an online course that will help aspiring candle-makers take the leap, start their business & sell their products effectively. I'm writing every minute of the day to get Candleland University launched, hopefully by March!

Every single detail that has lead to my success is included in this material.

You'll learn to navigate components from LLC creation, to organic marketing strategies, to product pricing, to the candle-pouring process itself (and much more). This program is designed to work as a blueprint for current & future candle-makers to follow as they build & scale their own successful candle business.

How would your life change if you could make 6 digits from home? How would it change if you woke up feeling energized & tranquil to go to your "job" every day? How would it change if you could spend more time doing what you wanted instead of at your 9-5?

I am beyond excited to show you how to do all of the above. Being at a point in my career where I can share my wealth of knowledge with others may just be the most rewarding part of my job to date. I know if I can do it, anyone else can!

If you'd like to get on the Candleland University launch list CLICK HERE. You'll be the first to know when the material is available!


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