3 Things I did that Transformed My Candle Business

3 Things I did that Transformed My Candle Business

Your candle business growth is a journey, not a destination! Sometimes it's a muddy, bumpy road and other times is smooth as a still day on the lake. 

When I looked back to the very first start of my candle business, I almost cringed thinking of all the things I did "wrong". Then I realized all of those things are what led me right to this point today. 🙌

3 things I did that totally transformed my candle business from handmade in the kitchen to making 6 figures year after year:

1. Stopped comparing my candle style with competitors.

Once I stopped looky-looing at others, my imagination took off and designing became SO MUCH EASIER. I sold 5x the products after I let loose.

2. I invested in a big wax melter.

This probably seems like a no brainer, but when I first started candle making, I had no idea they even existed! I thought you had to melt down your wax in pouring pots. The small investment lets us melt down & pour 100+lbs of wax a day. And I have 2 now. Even if you're a smaller start up - check into electric wax melters. Worth every penny!

3. Upped my packaging game.

Presentation is key! I tried to minimize my costs with generic, boring, and quite frankly, ugly, packaging for some time. This. Is. Not. The. Way. People love opening gifts - so make their unboxing experience exciting! There is SO much access to packaging these days, cost isn't much of a factor anymore. Jump in and have fun with this! + you can contribute to a cleaner Earth by using biodegradable or recycled packaging. Win-win for all.

These 3 tips really helped my candle company excel! Try implementing these tactics and see your own business flourish. I cover more transformation topics in my upcoming course, The Candle Profit Playbook. Launching in March. Sign up for the launch list here!  

Peace & Soy Wax - Shelby

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